2017 In The Distance

2017 showed me just how quickly you can go from the highest you’ve ever been to the lowest you’ve ever felt. This year, I accomplished a goal of trekking through the Himalayas, but also unexpectedly lost my job — finding myself down and defeated and going between psychiatrists to discuss a long-term undiagnosed condition. But if there’s one thing I learned while at my “peak” hiking up peaks, it’s that when we inevitably stumble and sway, we still have a choice of where we direct our focus — on how far we’ve got to go or how far we’ve already come. This can make all the difference in how we handle the peaks and valleys ahead.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

. Here are some other things I’m proud of having accomplished:

  1. Started speaking in schools on behalf of the mental health organisation, Batyr.
  2. Getting back into fitness while maintaining balance in my life.
  3. Dating more regularly
  4. Being more active with my blog, even uploading a few videos.
  5. Speaking to an ex-girlfried and getting closure after 7 year since a proper conversation.
  6. Expanding my social circle
  7. Hiking through the Himalayas to an altitude of over 5,000 meters
  8. Going on a solo trip in India and having zero issues.
  9. Doing my first paid photography gig
  10. Working a part-time job out of my comfort zone
  11. Getting accepted as a content creator on the
  12. Sending my first book, Living in Cream off for print.
  13. Starting my second book, home.
  14. Doing a few retreats — willing to examine myself deeply.
  15. Reached out to people in my life — without being afraid of honesty.
  16. Continued learning about veganism.

Some things ahead of me in 2018:

  1. Consistant yoga and spiritual practice
  2.  Another job or career pursuit
  3. Finishing my second book
  4. Pain-free posture
  5. Learning more acoustic guitar
  6. Cutting out toxic technology use.
  7. Using my spare time to blog and connect with similar minds.
  8. Revised budget and a plan to travel again.
  9. Come to terms with my ADD diagnosis and have a plan for managing it.
  10. More books
  11. More outdoor campings and hikes
  12. Improved relationship with family
  13. Tattoos – many more

It’s a rather simple list, but I believe in defining success in my own terms. I’d love to hear about how you define it and what you’ve got ahead of you.


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