Snakes & Ladders


I learned tonight a lesson from an analytic perspective, is perfectly suited to the commonly played childhood game of Snakes & Ladders. As we grow up our attention shits from the imaginary world playing on the carpet in front of us to the world around us as it essentially turns in the board, but with such real stakes that it is hardly in any way, a ‘game’.

We are all trying to get to the end of it, but no one seems to know if what is at the end is worth the luck of straight sixes and timely shortcuts for all we miss while lapping the other players around us. Going at the pace which sees you share every square of experience might be a better use of time than standing at the finish line with no one to gloat to but yourself.

This a realisation I came to long ago as I started to value sharing a roll over being one myself.  Not to say i am not a player. Eventually the lights will go out, the higher power or scientifically backed laws of nature will be calling me with the same authoritative power my Mother once had. Telling me it’s time to hit the sheets of my death bed. For that reason I play. But I don’t seek to win because I can’t win. The only competition is myself which in the same way, I can’t lose. And this is how I feel everyone should view their life, with the goal to experience.

On the notion of individualistic experience. The ‘game’ you play may be more suited to chess, bingo, or playfully, hopscotch. I’ve given mine the title of Snakes & Ladders because in the same way a ladder helps you reach new heights, I’ve had friends do that on many occasions, but unfortunately encountered a few snakes luring to strike if I crossed past the tall appealing grass of friendship facade. Rather then waste time on the details, I will treasure the lesson.
Be cautious and be prepared. But be fearless,  stand your ground if the territory of the argument is rightfully yours. Snakes will eventually slitter away from the siren of their own solitude. Forcing everyone that surrounds them away, through an inability to say sorry, forgive or just accept, eventually leaving them with no other option to shed their skin. Hopefully emerging as a better person than remain snake but this time bearing a new disguise.

If you are lucky to encounter more ladders, just be mindful of the weight you also place. If you are reading this, then you are one of my ladders. I care for  you and I hope our friendship never breaks.

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