A decision may be a case of yes or no. A decision may be a case of where to live, who to date, where to work, what to eat, when to quit. The list is endless.

Faced with making a tough call, seeking advice is way to gain clarity, and often our first resort when we feel like we are getting further lost in our own thoughts. However, who to consult, is an important decision in itself.

I’ve been given a rare opportunity to take what I believe is the biggest risk of my twenty six years breathing. A chance to live and work overseas in a developing country, for a good cause, but unpaid beyond the coverage of all my expenses. Most of the people I have consulted have mind up their mind right there at ‘unpaid’.

One of my favourite quotes from Oscar Wilde speaks about people knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing. That’s exactly how I felt in my conversations with my family and some of my friends.  When asking someone to help you make a decision, you have to ask yourself if they are simply going to be making the same decision for themselves. Or do they know you well enough to help make it for you.

For those who know me, they know the last few years of my working life have been an ongoing battle with a feeling of emptiness and running a daily treadmill. A lack of respect and no clear directions or sight of a horizon.  They would know the stain of certain memories can be around all around this city I’ve always known as home. They would know the last four months unemployed have left me doubting my worth at times but also fueled me desire to have my life/ career, accomplish something.

They may not know that I’ve always been afraid of what I don’t know. Past events have slowly eroded my self-esteem where a change in the wind’s direction has sent me on a path of self-discovery that has made my identity , values and desires more clear to me than ever before.

These are the things I see over the horizon overseas, along with the person I want to be, and I know I will come back as. A change that those who  really do know me, will notice.

Make sure others are not making your decisions for themselves.

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