Sometimes I think about how the human race is as full of diversity as the world of minerals and gemstones. But does beauty comes with rarity, or the rarity come with beauty ?

If the surface of the earth including your yard was covered in diamonds, would you be sweeping them off your driveway, reacting ecstatically if you, by the slim chance, found a clump of dirt?

Why do we not put as much value on individualism? Growing up, I’ve seen trend come and trend go. Technology proving to be extremely flammable , helps these fires start, spread and burn out quicker than ever.

It’s strange to me, no matter how many people are or want to be one thing, that thing doesn’t doesn’t seem to lose its appeal or value. In a world of diamonds, be dirt I say.

Of course I’m only implying that you know the value in making your own decisions and not feeling as compelled to fit in.

But If we were individually categorised on a mineral scale,  ask yourself , would your sense of  self-esteem and worth put you closer to the diamonds or in the dirt?

It’s well known that our worst critic is ourselves. Our parents, partners, siblings, friends or secret santa may write something great on our Christmas card, but we may never feel that bright.

Well, let me write something that might change that.

Diamonds carry this notion of flawlessness and perfection. But that is only their final form and the product of several rough and violent geological events over a lengthy period of time. So trust your struggle for what ever you are going through, it’s possible to emerge completely different to how you went in.

Diamonds are also known for their strength, not just their appearance. Your past might be messy, you have have a stain or two and a few cracks, but if you’re still in one piece, it’s something to be proud of.

Some of us shatter too soon, and some of us don’t know how fragile life is until it’s too late. Illness and accidents can spring out of nowhere like a stumped toe. I smile every time I hit mine, as I’ve learned from volunteering at a hospital, I know it could be a lot worse.

If you have been through worse, then you’ve got strength and durability. The same trust people put in diamonds, they can put in you. So polish of those stains and smile.

I hope this post has made you feel a bit more worthy.

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