In the past, ‘perks of the job’ have been things such as fuel cards, gift vouchers, and generally edible. This weekend, my new job gave me something new; it was an experience. Unlike the time I rolled around in a zorb-ball having an unnecessary amount of physical contact with people I didn’t even share my lunch-break with – this was an experience I want to remember.

It’s also an experience that I can’t directly put monetary value on, but it was honestly the perkiest thing an employer has ever done for me. But here’s the best thing: it wasn’t specifically anything done for me; I was doing something for my employer. In other words, I was just working.

I was co-faccilitating a workshop for group of youths who were assigned the task of producing multimedia content for my organisation to use. To ensure they were on the right track, several guest presenters were called it. I won’t list names, but they are definitely regarded as experts in the areas of video, audio, photography, and much more. Technical skills aside, they were also understood the complexity of life. A subject for which, there is no specific lesson plan, manual, or fool-proof solution for – but there is advice.

Here are a few of the things that I heard over the weekend that really stood out to me. Sure, they’re repeated in articles, videos, podcasts, and books – but we go to live gigs because there is something that digital platforms can’t give. Likewise, I really feel like I got something by hearing these things said.

“Shit. Before this,  I had 40 – 50 jobs.”

“You might have to work for free but everything comes full-circle. Invest in people and things.”

“The energy that you put into this will come back, it’s a universal thing.”

“Sometimes, you say yes before you know you can do the job. Then you learn as you go.”

“If it was easy, everyone would do it.”

“Always write down your ideas.”

“Enjoy the struggle.”

“Don’t be attached to the outcome, not everything will work.”

“Do one thing each week to lay the foundation.”

“Find a day job that gets you closer or near to your passion.”

“Free writing. Just write. It’s like taking a big dump of your constipated mind.”

“You have to get a job. Because to financially support yourself is to also artistically support yourself.”

“Surround yourself with people who inspire you, not energy drainers.”

“Have coffee with contacts.”

“Be ok with being shit.”

“Find what you can do better than most.”

“Find avenues for your level of skills. Somebody needs them.”

“Find the top 100 in your field and learn from them.”

“Show yourself. Every project should reflect a part of your identify.”

“Read ‘The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron’.”

“Talk to people about things that inspire them.”

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