A position for change

This was a status update from someone I don’t speak as often as I would like, but is still a very strong influence  for who I am today. I met him in the gym when I had the courage to approach him to ask “how do you dance like that, can you teach me?”

He gave me some direction, but also told me that it’s up to me to put in the work. In reciprocation, when he asked me how I achieved my physique & fitness level, I was happy to provide directions, but likewise, he had to acknowledge that’s all I could do.

Having not seen him in a while,  I was extremely glad to hear he stuck to his resolution, worked hard, and is now reaping the result.

Fitness isn’t an area of focus for me, but the principal of the message is something that will keep myself and anyone focused, no matter what they’re after. “Put yourself in a position for change”

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