After a long day I can finally open my mouth and let the butterflies out. A job I felt was perfect in all ways that I could count, didn’t fall into my hands. Slipping through and landing on the top of the growing pile I’ve become quite resentful towards, my rejections.

I know the saying about not putting all your eggs in the one basket, but regardless where I put them, they are going to get scrabbled by the bumps and hills of everyday life, and my self esteem is going to crack.

I took a few hours to lie under the bridge and just stare at the stars. I saw one shoot which normally I would take a good sign, but since it was the fourth of the week, I was beginning to think that what is magical is just in fact natural.

And even more natural is my right to be upset. My journey on the path of positive psychology and knowing one self has taught me bottling emotions only leads to a conflicting collection that clinks when you’re trying to think.  With in reasonable grounds and respect of others,  we all have a right to be human and pour them out.

A human being means having dreams, goals, wishes , regrets, fears and sometimes getting attached to things, people, and in my case, outcomes.

So I’m not exactly enlightened yet, but I’m not the same as every other egg in the carton that got rejected from the self of employment today. The past few years of my life have seen me become hard and boiled. I dent and I crack now and then, but I don’t break.

I can spend all night debating the originating order of the egg and the chicken, but when it comes to the job offer and the application, the answer is clear. So I know what I’ll be back to doing tomorrow after breakfast (eggs of course).






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