Beams of support

A quick post over another little thought that in the middle of the night as turned into a big realisation. The most mighty of men is no different to the most monumental building. A structure that without many beams of support, would not be mighty, monumental or in fact, standing. As we develop , grow and expand through life, the more essential our support from friends, family, classmates and co-workers becomes. Even the odd stranger can be the balancing pillar when they opt to give you a lift when you just miss the bus that was going to take you to your job interview.

Despite my lack of knowledge in the area of architecture, with no more than a set of eyes and awareness. I have been able to see a construction like resemblance in the relationships that surround me.

In this hard time when I feel the most close to collapsing. I’ve had no choice but to wobble in the winds of uncertainty and let my weight be bared. Showing me which beams fold, break and which ones stay strong and keep me upright. This isn’t to disregard or put anyone down. I acknowledge I may not be the central highrise in their city of commitments. I would never expect anyone to be there for me in a way that I am not there for them. Simply put, with out any blueprints needed. That’s not how you build a friendship.

Just like you should never forget your roots. Remember your beams and be one when your support is needed.

Bend. Don’t Break

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