Now I hear the voices of an ancient race
Peering through the veil of time and space
Emerging from the void I am reborn I see the world for what it really is
Distorted visions of heaven
I have discovered there’s hope in my heart
For I am One I am One
I am Love

(Northlane – World Eater)

No placement of words will be able to convey what I experienced yesterday, but the picture above does some justice to my first DMT trip.  Nicknamed the ‘spirit molecule’, this substance is already produced in our bodies, in larger quantities when we are born and die. Far from a conventional ‘drug’ , it doesn’t get you high or diminish your control over your body, it more so tunes the channel of your consciousness to pick up on a world you never knew or believe existed.

Beyond the colours and shapes, and the feeling of being pulled away to another dimension as your body sits comfortably still, you may be lucky enough to have an encounter as you breakthrough what can only be called, another dimension.

For me it was beautiful, lovely and healing. A being took the form of a multi armed woman lifting me up and inspecting me like her child. My immediate reaction and feeling was that I knew her, she was so glad to see me and could sense I was damaged. In  a beautiful dance her hands worked over me, I felt  a feeling that could only be described as pure love and light go through my body as I felt it twitch from the overload of pleasure.

Combined with astonishment, the only suitable reaction was to laugh. I laughed throughout as I could not believe prior to this, I had been disillusioned to something so real. In another trip later that day, I recall asking “who are you” to which she replied “I am the be all , the end all, all that ever is and all that ever will be”.

I’ve had my fair share of other casual highs in my time, to know when your own thoughts are telling you things, but this was a conversation external to myself. I was definitely in another plane and in the presence of another.

This is an extremely condensed version but I ask anyone to hold off any judgement until they research DMT and psychedelics in general. I recall being told to come back when im feeling better  as having a cold , I couldn’t hold the smoke for too long. I can’t wait till I feel ready. This will give me time to process my experience and the indirect lessons I feel I learned. For now, I feel happier, still in disbelief, less fearful of death and of course, more curious than ever to learn more about this strange world we live in.

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