Life Is A Blank Canvas

Every piece of art, from that of a toddler receiving the obliged praise from their parents, to the Mona Lisa, manifested itself into the material world the same way. This is obviously overlooking the finer details and the many meticulously placed brush strokes. However,  I am speaking in reference to overall process which nurtures a simple vision in one’s mind through all the stages of its development until it reaches its destiny, and dies to be reborn as a creation.

This process could be dance classes, cooking lessons, the pages of a text book, laps of a pool, extra hours at work, dead lifts. Whatever the form, the essence is productivity. I left out painting from that list as to make the analogy clear by now.

Our lives start as blank canvases. With their size determined not by our years left, but our optimism and outlook. Overtime, some canvases become more unique and brightly colored than others. Then some like mine have had a bit more black and grey as of late, and become difficult to interpret. Some are far too unique to be appreciated by the masses. Some collaborate their design with  to only have the other piece removed from their life, thus leaving them incomplete and unsure of their own identity and meaning.

Despite that description, life isn’t an exhibition, but of course we feel we are always under observation and  compare and question our abilities. This is what It’s important to remember the process, and that every other piece was in fact blank as we sometimes feel.

Have your vision, and take good care of it. Be loving, patient and dedicated and you never know what it will become.

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