But I don’t like chocolate

Firstly, let me make it clear I have a few sweet teeth and I will have them even after my teeth fall out and till the day I die. But this post isn’t specifically about whether your vices are coated in sugar, baked in fat or powdered with cocaine. It is about questioning what you are putting yourself through and reconsidering your elusive hunt for happiness. It may be a fantasy come true trip in a chocolate factory or the three story factory sized home on top of the hill. The pursuit can become so obsessive that a once joyful and satisfying  single chocolate bar can turn into the 50th consecutive reminder of how off course your search as become.

To ‘wrap’ it up. Take time to enjoy the present moment. See things for what they are, not for what they could or won’t be.  Be reasonable with the time you devote to your pursuits, but don’t spend all day wondering the isles otherwise ‘consumption’ will consume you. Luck may be on your side, or it maybe on the other side waiting for you. Keep moving. With the right attitude however and a dash of imagination, the most mundane routines like taking a shower can feel like a chocolate waterfall.  Your shared apartment can have the comfort  of the house on the hill.  You just have to realise every minute is a golden ticket.

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      1. Is it bad that my Golden Ticket moment today has been relaxing and enjoying the TV – I don’t get to do it very often!

        However, I posted a blog last month a out moments of happiness which list lots of my Golden Ticket moments – feel free to check them out!

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