Imagination does truly encircle the world, but action is required to turn it.

Ok, well yes gravity is a inherited ability of the universe, and some people also have natural forces with them. This could be an ability to be compassionate, to ponder,  or to discover and dissect the tiniest of  details. Just like Einstein was consulted prior to my creation and his input into my DNA strand was a few syllables of his famous quote, I’ve always had more imagination than knowledge. A lot more.

If that oddly comical example doesn’t illustrate my point, then I’ll share my experiences where I’ve had a thought / vision so vivid, its certainty was impossible to dispute, leading me through  the journey of is manifestation into reality as if guided by an invisible hand.  Going back a decade, lying in bed one night, feeling insecure about my size and strength as an undeveloped teen,  i saw myself completely different, leaner, stronger, bigger and with the mentality and confidence I wanted. While I am well adjusted to the complements, the strength and muscle I have attained, the way people treat me differently, the lifestyle of weekly intense training, multiple meals per day etc, what makes the realisation so extraordinary was that at that very moment, those characteristics didn’t describe me and my daily life now, but rather signified  my imagination was stretching too far.

The same thing occurred in two years ago in Thailand. Watching a younger boy practice his dancing routine in front of a shop front mirror, and another group dancing on the street as passing people smiled, my imagination once again  took me to a reality that was completely unknown to me.. I had never even tried to dance like that or let alone in front of people, let alone on the street .Oddly enough , while once again standing on the outer brim of my imagination and witnessing myself fluently dancing in front of a crowd, feeling the same sense of separation towards myself that that crowd had, I was simultaneously overcome with deja vu and couldn’t help but smile in anticipation for what I knew inevitably was going to happen.

Now to return to the here and now. Since then the invisible hand has loosened its grasp. The accomplishments have been far between and the only invisible hand felt has been providing resistance in the direction of the goal I sought to attain.

I thought to myself, am I not thinking hard enough here? Do I need more late nights in bed? More time on my meditation cushion?

I didn’t go through 10,000 thoughts to get the one that turned the lights on in my mind, but here it is. It’s action, and I need more of it.

My knowledge about building the human body and dancing was not a result of my imagination. My imagination was the catalyst for the actions that lead me to acquire the knowledge I required. The knowledge then led to improved actions. The better actions led to better knowledge. When required , my imagination could be consulted,  surpassing any distances it had taken me before with a new found sense of direction and possibility. It didn’t stop at the old limits, because they were no longer limits.

Others may have no interest in moon walking or lifting double their body weight,  they could be simply satisfied with just losing some body weight or be as ambitious as wanting to walk on the moon.

The lesson here is to understand and appreciate your imagination, but know without action, your most desirable day dream will remain exactly that.




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  1. Will Smith’s great quote comes to mind: “You don’t set out to build a wall. You don’t say ‘I’m going to build the biggest, baddest, greatest wall that’s ever been built.’ You don’t start there. You say, ‘I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid. You do that every single day. And soon you have a wall.”

    Good post bro

    1. Thanks man.

      I love that Will Smith quote, I’ve got a 10 minute interview of him on my ipod where he says that, I actually know the words for the whole thing.

      Also as my as other favourite band Dan Millman, artist of the number one song “Peaceful Warrior” says ‘dream big but start small’

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