“The reason people quit is because they look at how far they have to go rather than how far they have come.”

I can’t recall where I saw the quote or who said it. But I know it provided more than my weekly serving of truth. Despite my balanced mental diet of meditation and motivation material.  I am still guilty of  wanting to throw down the towel, soak in the sorrow of my own self caused situations or plotting to use the same towel to wrap up the little I need to run from it all. I will be honest about that as I always am. I have nothing to hide because I am no one to hide. You only know me as a boy but I know myself as the man who knows everyone of this fears by their familiar nicknames in the same way Buddha became acquainted with ‘Mara’, the personification of all his negative emotions.

While I neither have access to a Bodhi tree or the annual leave saved up to take a week to wage a war within my mind. I take the battle into my own hands on a daily basis by keeping an artillery of quotes, diary entries and other motivational and introspective material.

This one served me well on that day because It reminded me that while looking forward gives you focus. The direction that often gives you the perspective you need,  can be found behind you. The past is truly a treasure, a teacher and maybe the reason you need to not quit now.

Looking behind me, I see many hours to devoted  to dancing in front of a mirror in my bedroom and late nights nights spent refining the verses of my raps.  I see many early mornings pulling myself out of bed to attending a design class I felt I was failing to eventually finish. I see just as many mornings devoted to make an impression to a corporation that cared nothing for it,  which eventually allowed me scrape up enough working experience to move onto a better position. I see painful workouts and the extensive preparation of meals.  What do you see ?

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