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Today I had the chance to represent the volunteer organisation that sent me to Tonga. I was one of the two people manning their booth at a university careers fair.

Over the course of 4 hours, I was approached by a large number of students who had an even larger number of questions. Considering I’m still adjusting after my return, it was so strange to now be the one answering questions. The one who has taken the leap into the unknown and survived. And truth be told, even though I did, I’m still the same one who can’t see himself doing something so drastic.

However, what I definitely did see today, was this look. This certain sparkle in the eyes of those I spoke too. A mix of vacancy and attentiveness. It wasn’t just a response to any of my stories; it was them getting lost in their own. Lost in a place they knew of, but hadn’t really thought of until this moment – like the dark side of the moon. Lost in the pages of a book – of which its contents are completely unknown. It was the look of being lost in wonder.

I can only imagine I had the same expression the day I discovered the program. But after today, I know what I have to do: get lost. I need to find something that makes me wonder once again. That which will excite me and give me the energy to leap into something that -while not as drastic – is at least different to where I’m currently heading.

The cliché advice is to look into one’s heart; but I’ll add, check your eyes too.

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