In the classic fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel follow a trail of breadcrumbs to find their way home. My spin is that we are all in a way, playing out the same story.

You may not be a little boy nor girl, or abandoned in the woods, but in a way, we all feel a little lost.  Living in a vast world of endless opportunities. Don’t we all want to know that we’re heading in the right direction ?

Even with the absence of witches, demons and goblins, the world remains a frightening place. Unemployment, bills, breakups, diseases, can be lurking around the next turn we take.

The fear can get to us, and in the dark of the night, we start to confuse every shadow with luring threats. On top of this, there is the confusion caused by the many signs promising the way out.

Safety and security are basic of humans needs. My mate Malsow told me.

Of course, these ‘signs’ aren’t actually just planted in the ground . They are anything in your environment that influences you. Culture, social circles, the decisions of friends, family expectations etc.

I can’t tell you which to follow.

I’m here to tell you that just like the two wise children, you can however, utilise the combination of your past and your intuition to search for clues.

Certain memories and experiences we have had through life are the ‘breadcrumbs’ we need to follow. These are the moments we felt most happy, most fulfilled, the most safe, the most loved.

Naturally occurring and consistent over time, they reflect our real character and who we are.

From first grade I remember always enjoying putting  smile on my class mates faces and not being afraid to ever be the center of attention. I remember being a great ‘go to person’ for female friends in high school.

I remember welcoming the challenge creativity brings and enjoying the resulting growth. I remember never been too analytical , but very poetic. I know I struggle to sit still and love to move. I know I’ve been able to give, and never ask for anything back. I know I have self-respect, and won’t be able to respect those who don’t respect me. I know when I love, I love deep.

Following this trail, I know I’ll find my way, and I hope you find yours.


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