Criticism, regret and other unfavourable emotions have their use in small doses.

Like a shot of vodka, they can be all we need sometimes to get ourselves going. But once you start throwing your head for the tenth time, you’re going nowhere, and soon.

These emotions work in the same way. They can be painfully immobilising.

It’s easy to spot the alcoholic, their appearance and demeanour the give away.

Unfortunately, some of us hide our habit of bingeing on certain thoughts till they harm us.

If you’re a person that spends a lot of time on regrets, or always comparing yourself to others, then this is for you.

Ask yourself if your energy is better spent on the present and future than the past and things out of your control.

If so, it’s time to break the habit and forgive.


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  1. Thank you for your words of wisdom. I am a recovered (recovery?) alcoholic and so the analogy works for me and it is not one that I had heard before or thought of. The negative self talk can some times get the best of me but I do not always notice it until it becomes sever abuse or to use your analogy, a weekend of binging. One of the things that I need to do to stay sober is not entertain the idea of drinking and I believe that will work with the negative thoughts too, not play with the negative ideas, Just let them pass by. And I know it is a practice not an end.


    1. Thanks for reading Katterine.

      I know certain things can be a slippery slope and everyone has different abilities in holding their footing. I know i lose my balance easily so often avoid drinks/drugs for very long periods at a time.

      Regarding your thought process, it is a habit that needs to be built. Because right now, we have habit of thinking in another way which is not helping.

      The key isn’t to replace that negative thought habit, but chose not to identify with it. And make a conscious choice to exercise a positive train of thought.

      Can can’t control NOT thinking about something, but we can control that we DO think about something.


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