Golf, Chopping Trees, Boxing.. and Self Improvement.

The search is endless.

Someone once said to me – during one of those conversations where the other person surprisingly knows you better than you thought – “You’re a seeker. You’ll never stop searching.” And it’s true. I’m looking for my car keys and wallet on a daily basis.

For you, perhaps it’s your child, phone, or Mr Right that’s always alluding you.

For us – that’s everyone in general – I believe there’s particular search we all share. It comes after finding ourselves; it’s the search to bring out the best in ourselves.

I know who I am, and I’m assuming you do to. This means you’re part of the latter crowd. They kind that visits that eery section called ‘self-help’ in the bookstore, or bookmarks blogs about ‘life-hacking.’ Post about productivity and success tend to stream out of the internet like snot out of your child’s nose (congrats on finding them by the way).

I know it can all get really overwhelming and tiresome to deal with. I recently unplugged from the ‘wide web’ but discovered a  few bits of the wisdom from just the world itself. Here’s what I learned through three different activities.

1. Chopping Trees

Despite your ego and enthusiasm, If you want that tree down, you’re going to need to take a few swings. If you want that goal reached, the same principle applies. Break it down into logical steps and devote your effort to these individual swings. Resting as you need, but always remembering you’ll get there soon enough if you keep at it.

2. Golf

The smallest adjustments can make a big difference to where you end up in the long run. A few degrees variation in how you strike a golf ball can make the difference between a hole-in-one and a cracked window in the carpark. This is best understood by taking a swing on the green yourself. But the take home message is that the ‘big change’ we’re after in our lives, could very possibly come from one of the minor details we’re overlooking.

3. Boxing 

When it comes to punching the bag or another person, it makes a big difference to put some emotion behind your fists. If you’ve ever slammed a door, you know this. But it doesn’t have to be anger; there are many ways to light the fire within. When you’re feeling tired, close to giving up, or overly challenged, think about why you’re doing it and who you’re doing it for.

It’s the same reason that pictures of loved ones, not framed paycheques, are so common in workspaces. Humans are emotional driven.  Be it by fear, love, greed, happiness, or anger – it’s up to you to make sure the right one is in your drivers seat.

So this is what I learned from ‘swinging’ not searching.. or spending hours reading self-help material. I guess life itself is a good enough teacher to ensure we’re always learning. Suddenly I’m more motivated to do my household chores. Who knows where enlightenment could be hiding.

What unexpected lessons has life taught you

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