Habitats. Being a human doesn’t mean we don’t have them. With our larger brains, missiles and bulldozers, and not to mention egos, we have a strong sense in both our right and ability to make anywhere our home. But the question is, where do we as individuals, feel at home?

Home implies a specific location, so I have opted to use the word ‘habitat’, which implies environment. Different environments surround us, but specific situations imprison us. I have seen people anxiously recreate an impression of a ‘fish out of water’ , and out of blind anger, an ‘elephant on a highway’.

Personally, where ever I go,  I am a bit of a monkey. I feel very comfortable in situations of public speaking or anywhere there is a crowd to please or an applause to attain.  While, to others, the sound of clapping hands may cause them to react like a dog hearing thunder for the first time.

I’m no alpha lion here. I definitely know there are situations that make me cower away. In my younger days, I’ve worried myself  to the extent that anywhere outside the covers of my bed would be classed as ‘beyond enemy lines’, and full of risks not worth taking. Younger meaning, last year. My measure of age is quantitative not qualitative.

Now, it’s definitely true that the willingness to go beyond ones comfort zones is a honest measure of their devotion to their self-improvement. However, like our animal counterparts, we are all going to have habitats where we can simply, do what we do best. Be it sing, dance, debate, create, lift, twist or chew grass, finding where you belong will showcase your natural talents and definitely earn you an applause.

Maybe you”re no monkey and don’t care less about the crowd. Maybe your talent is making yourself comfortable in any situation, and leaping forward into the unknown. Then congratulations, you ARE the alpha lion or lioness, and have just taken a swipe at my belief that writing is a talent of mine.

Luckily, I’m a human being, and like rest of us, “do the f**** i want”

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