“You don’t know what pain is”

A bit of truth given to the main protagonist in the movie Fight Club by his doctor as he pleads his case for a prescription for sleeping tablets. If are you not familiar with the rest of the story then you’re not only missing out the cult classic, but also probably wondering where exactly this entry is leading. Well, avoiding any spoilers, the main character gets an awakening and new found perspective on this own ‘struggles’ after attending a support group for men battling testicular cancer.

My motives for volunteering at a children’s hospital however, are based on the benefits that I know the children and the hospital will derive from my presence and commitment. Of course just like every event takes place like a drop of rain, the proceeding outcomes will be numerous, split, unpredictable and transpire in a similar fashion.

The ‘splash effect’ of my decision to volunteer was this new perspective I acquired. I’m human, I complain and speak proudly of the strength and triumphs, even when I am responsible for leading myself down the path of most resistance, or designing the very obstacle I face. Then I met these kids. Kids who should be enjoying life carelessly, but are instead fighting for their lives and health in situations that are often the result of ‘bad luck’. Kids who have a future that is closer to the darker side of uncertainty than I’ve ever been with my good health but long term unemployment. Kids who know the meaning of living in the moment, better than three years of meditation practice has given me. Kids who just smile for today and because now, when they are in this room of fun and wonder.

I’ve learned how to find another means of fulfillment  while I’m here, and most importantly learned that physical strength my be reflected by size, but the strength of one’s spirit is most definitely not.

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