Sometimes the honesty we are trying to repress, speaks with volume that echos within. As of late in my desperation to find work, I’ve found myself in interviews where I struggle to convince myself of my reasoning of being there. An example being today, where I trying to convince another that my ideal career was promoting and growing a retail jewelers business. I don’t know how well I did of acting out the charade,  but I knew I was lying to myself. A few years ago, sure, joining a large retailer would have been more appealing and closer to the concept of ‘success’ that had been sprouting from my mind since graduating.  Three days away from 26 however, I know now one that one of the the concepts that has really blossomed in the last three years, is that of my identity and what makes me happy(ier). Helping others to live meaningful lives and understand happiness and joy in its purest form is one of them. I’ve achieved this by loosening my bonds to materialism and related desires, and putting more weight on experiences and emotions themselves.

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing” – Oscar Wilde

I don’t believe ones love for another is accurately reflected based on how much they spend on a ring. This unfortunately would be part of the messages I would be expected to portray. I don’t think less of anyone who does work in that kind of advertising role, but I know that I find it much easier to stand behind a product or service I truly believe in. I’m a large advocate of fitness, but felt uncomfortable selling personal training as an ideal career choice when I know it’s an overly saturated market. I marketed an automotive dealer, but honestly felt that it was no different to the competition that my co-workers would refer to as if they were criminals.

I expected I would know by now but I’m still trying to figure out what I am to do with my life. I hope to slowly align my abilities with my dreams, but in the mean time I know I’m better acting true(er) to myself. Under the right light, just like my typos, integrity is always revealed.

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