Sometimes it’s our own tight grasp that forces a slow decent on our progress. I certainly feel it in my case. The same way I ‘feel’ I know what’s best for me, which in there, lies the problem. Be it a horse, event or scenario, that we are trying to steer, less control and more trust on our part may be the way forward. Not only forward, but also further for in our own benefit. These benefits may be obvious as an oasis, delayed like rainfall,  or signal our warning instincts like the first encounter with a wild animal before its harmlessness is exposed. Growing frustrated with trying to reach a position with a non-profit organisation, I’m loosening my control. Which is metaphorically speaking, as the action I have taken is to apply for a range of casual unrelated jobs , similar commercial jobs as I’ve had in the past, ideal non-profit jobs and even a volunteer position overseas. To jump back on the metaphorical horse, this means that when faced with a fork in the road, I’m prepared to just ‘go with it’.  I’ve been told than an open mind opens doors but I think a more accurate  statement is that an open mind leads to open roads which is where I am.

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