Midxiety. It’s a cross between midnight and being anxious. I’m not sure if anyone reads this blog so I figure inventing a few words here and there won’t lose me any readers.

Go back 20 years and the only thing that could keep me up would be threats of ghosts , goblins and that whichever super villain that had featured in the latest action movie I’d convinced my parents I was mature enough to handle. Add those same 20 years back on and its worries about my finances, my direction in life, career, and the egoistically aspect of my personality who is due to visit from the distant regions of my subconscious, as per every October. This prime time visitation period, isn’t just due to a holiday season or flights being cheap. Its my, our , birthday.

This year I want things to be different. Better than a day of celebration, would be a day of forgiveness. Rather than being critical of the last year, and unwrapping ‘wish I had of’s ‘. I want to blow out any burning regrets, and relight them with optimism. Viewing everything in a new light. We all make mistakes, and as long as I can take them as lesson, rather than regrets,  with me into the next year, that’s a gift I would be happy with.



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