Inspired by another blogger. It got me thinking so here is a random count of my little pleasures in no particular order..


  1. Downing 1L of ice cream after maintaining a very strict diet / training regime and feeling I deserve every excess bite.
  2. Those moments you figure out a easier way to do something. I just found the automatic numbering of bullet points
  3. Being glad you finally acted on something you had been putting off. Eg – this blog
  4. Knowing you don’t just talk bout appreciating the little things. You actually do
  5. Seeing other people do something and feeling inspired than jealous
  6. Feeling jealous at times, but being ok with it. You’re only human
  7. Getting unexpected praise
  8. Getting a text message just asking how you are and feeling ‘I needed someone to ask’
  9. Walking across the bridge with a great friend
  10. Walking across the bridge alone
  11. Pulling off a save in soccer that was such a fast reaction I don’t remember making it
  12. Losing in something, but still being proud of yourself
  13. A win
  14. Getting to the checkout and being surprised at how cheap your grocery bill came too
  15. Lighting a candle and just watching it burn
  16. Meditation
  17. Books that expand my mind and change how i view the world
  18. A unexpected conversation with people that skips the shallow end, and starts of deep
  19. When a girl smiles
  20. Knowing exactly what to say to make someone laugh & having inside jokes
  21. The  21st birthday present my ex-gf got me which is a framed list of 21 of my qualities / values. Four years later I still stick to them all.
  22. Feeling unable to move from a gym session knowing you gave it your all
  23. Having the funniest group of mates that now matter how busy we get, we will always be a crew
  24. Knowing I have people to go to right away if things are getting too hard
  25. Parents and a sister that love me unconditionally
  26. The females that have come into my life since being single and have become great friends
  27. Feeling after a long search I actually do have a personality / identity.
  28. Meeting someone as weird as you.
  29. Driving off after just filling up your car and watching the fuel go up for once
  30. About to say goodbye to someone but ending up having a 1 hour conversation
  31. Waking up to text messages
  32. A fresh hair cut and feeling sharp
  33. Dancing in public and not giving a f****
  34. Having people come up give you props, especially when you’re sober in a night club
  35. Finishing a rhyme and recording. Then listening to your own song. Knowing if you like it, then that is the only approval you need.
  36. Sitting in the sun and feeling great
  37. Having a productive day
  38. Doing something creative like a design, then having that “ah hah’moment
  39. Looking over old photos and laughing
  40. Reading over my old journals from the last 3 years and laughing
  41. Being amazed at how far i’ve come and how strong i’ve been.
  42. Having more faith than logical reasons and being ok with that.
  43. The thrill of the hunt
  44. The experiences had from traveling
  45. Realising I could go on and on and on but feeling I should get to bed.
  46. Having a warm bed to go to.
  47. Whoever you are, where ever you are. Having reading this and show that much interest in me.  You have given me not 47 but just the only one reason I need to want to learn everything about you. Lets be friends
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