I recently read The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

I more recently re-read it.

Unfortunately, what  we read can be forgotten as effortlessly as the pages we’re turning. So I’ve tried to put myself into the habit of taking notes or writing summaries about what I’ve learned. I explored this book in my written journal but decided a blog post would have the added benefit of promoting this great read with others. Apologies for the disjointed structure. I’ll try to clear it up as this was originally written for my own perusal only.

My Untethered Soul

You see growth in the mirror. As an avid weight lifter Im used do it. But since putting the dumbbells down and picking up more books, I’ve come to experience a new sensation. That of an expanding mind. Learning. Growing as a person – psychologically.

It’s amazing how diving into a book can make you so much more aware of everything else around and within you, once you re-emerge. This is how I feel after reading The Untethered Soul, and the topic of the below post.

I now understand some of my particular patterns of behaviour and thoughts with more clarity.

I understand what the book refers to as ‘thorns’ in my psyche. Perhaps imbedded long ago. Thorns that I’ve devoted myself to protecting in order to delay the pain of their removal. What I don’t realise is that I’m indadvertedly suffering more this way. The right response is a swift painful removal.

I understand that I’ve spent energy and wasted it fighting and resisting reality and feelings. Feelings that are part of the seasons of humanity. Jealousy, envy, anger, greed, sadness. They should all be expected at some point, and met with compassion, and certainty that they will also pass on their own accord.

Further more on the topic of energy. I understand that there is also a positive source that naturally emendates from within myself. There is no need to be wary, only accepting and appreciative of this force while it’s felt. Meditation is the key to uncovering and unblocking this flow. Actions in the outer world and above the surface will make sure it’s utilised for all the wealth it can bring as creativity, concentration and passion etc.

Resist nothing.

See thoughts with compassion and forgiveness. The book describes our mind as a troublesome room mate that we’re stuck with. In addition that the best way forward is to strive towards a peaceful co-existence rather than emotionally retaliating and furthering an ongoing feud.


Consciousness is the mirror itself, not the reflection. It’s the empty sky, not the dark clouds passing through. It’s the stillness under the surface, not the impact of an impeding circumstance and the ripples it causes.


Paradoxically, you gain control of your life by giving it up. Dropping internal resistances and defences that govern our behaviour in the outer world. Like a hand automatically retracting from a hot flame, our psyches are equally sensitive. This sensitivity and is a problem we need to devote ourselves to addressing. Easier said than done, and better understood by reading the book.


Everyone will interpret different things from reading this book, because life and experience is such. A teacher that is individually guiding us through lessons that we need to learn. Rather than reacting, we can respond with the belief that pain, challenges, and discomfort all teach us something about ourselves and our limits. There is a difference between a reaction and a response. It’s our level of consciousness. I’ve raised mine by thinking about myself in third person if required – e.g. “the boy is annoyed or anxious.”

That’s pretty much it.

Whatever works for you – works for you. Different strokes for different folks. But we can all admit we’ve got the work to do. Call me a wacko, weirdo, or take up my suggestion of reading this book. I want to hear about it either way!


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