Your relationship status.

Its questioned on almost every form you fill out. Facebook requires it to ‘complete your profile’ and those stalking your profile are even more curious .Your friends bring it up, and your parents increasingly pester you as you get older. So the general concept of being in a relationship is expected, common, and ordinary to say the least.

This however should never devalue your actual personal relationship and the worth you feel. It should contain surprise, be unlike your past experiences, and unique. Sure , everyone is doing it, but no one is doing it like you.

Generally speaking and excluding certain commitments, being in a relationship is not exactly an obligation, so you should be respected for all that you’re giving, and respect your other for all you’re given.

Your title as a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife may be ordinary and common. But your role as their only one, makes you not.

Just the thoughts of someone who has been single for four years.

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