Now the Boy on the Board

“With enough practice you can do anything”

It’s not often I quote myself, but this was exactly what I said to a friend a few days ago when he made a comment about himself having two left feet and thus being unable to dance. This is also exactly what sprung into my mind today when I was just about to leave the bridge and remembered that I’ve had my skateboard in my car for over 6 months. I had never ridden it because I can’t ride, I had never practiced because I had never practiced. I don’t know what I was waiting for exactly, but I knew where I wanted to go. Down the bridge with the air in my hair, the wind behind my back and perfectly suited music playing in my ears.

I don’t know what the objective of my sudden burst of motivation was , perhaps I just wanted to honestly say I tried. I had no idea what I was doing or what the proper way to practice was, but within the hour I was racing down the light bridge at under the night sky as my knees wobbled and my heart beat matched the speed I was going.

My immediate response was to ask myself why I put off something so fun for so long when all I had to do was try and let the rest fall into place.

So I’ve just found myself a new hobby and a valuable lesson. With enough or little practice, you can do anything!

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  1. Yes, fantastic, you CAN do anything!

    I wrote about this very topic, and I think you’ll enjoy the story. It’s my family story, based on my Dad’s philosophy — and it’s worked well for me over the years . . .

    My birthday is forthcoming — and I generally FLY on that Big Day. So today I called around and found, the following flight options (pilot/instructors included): 1) a vintage airplane 2) a helicopter! 3) an acrobatic airplane!! and 4) a sailplane — all here on Oahu, Hawaii.

    Reminder: I can do ANYTHING! Which one will I pick????

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