On to the next chapter

Once again the final familiar page.
A collection of moments with every familiar face.
because my next destination my not be a familiar place

Ive reached what seems the end of another chapter of the book with no title. Yet it seems perfectly fitting a book based on my life should have no title. The search for meaning is a long winding road. The many bends and detours just ensure that while a title would be an expectation I can’t confidently live up to. I can ensure a plentiful supply of what really makes a story worth reading, which is content. While titles and definitions change, experience is ongoing. In the same way that relationships and people change but we go on living. If the year is the actual tree from which this book was made, then each page is no more than a leaf. Depending on the season they fall differently, subject to different conditions and some are worth keeping due to their vibrancy and colour while others I prefer to sweep away and turn the page to a new day. In this case it’s a new book , and a new seed to plant all together…

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