When it comes to interactions with other people there are many scenarios we try to avoid. We don’t want to be intimidated, mocked, hurt or in this particular case, feel simply disappointed or let down.

These are situations that are easy to recognise, and its even easier to allow ourselves to adopt a victim mentality. Little do we often think the other person may feel exactly the same way. Hostility will encourage a hostile reaction and so on. However, In situations where we feel disappointed, things may be a little different.

The cause of our disappointment may simply be our own unjust expectations.

I personally realised an unmet expectation I had placed on a certain person was due to something I had chosen to do for them, and they didn’t know about it! As one of the golden laws goes, we should give to give , not give to receive.

Luckily, I let it go before I actually let it effect the relationship.

Case and point. Don’t just watch out for how other people act, watch out for your own expectations.


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