It’s always the simple things that have the most profound effect. This post is about how the rotting skin of a banana was not only a reminder of what I had for lunch a few days ago , but the source of my realisation of the true nature of impermanence.

Just as the ground where I sat was no longer moist from the tears I had unexpectedly shed earlier in the week. The banana skin  was no longer as vibrant and enticing as it was yesterday. Which lead to its hurried consumption in a haze of stress so thick it blanketed all my senses from the taste of the banana to the sound of the birds comprising nature’s orchestra. Different breeds rather than instruments, but together playing the same melody.

Amongst all this, the realisation dawned on me.  Everything in this natural word is subject to the laws of decay. More importantly  that includes me. Most importantly that includes the way I feel at this moment.

With that thought, I could suddenly feel the air of the open park, and with the wind the haze was taken. However if my experience has proven anything, is that there is more directions that one which is why directions are needed and exist. I knew the course could alter and my self esteem at times can be as unpredictable and unforgiving as this winter weather.

Rather than run the risk, I took action of seeking shelter. Seeking support. I will be seeing a Life Coach / Psychologist this week to hopefully gain a better sense of self awareness and purpose and to “peel away my layers’

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