I’ve recently starteded learning the ropes of digital photography.  I aim to use photography as a way to complement my writing, and to capture the beauty in the ordinary that goes often overlooked. You can find more photos on my Instagram Facebook and Flickr pages.


The South Pacific: Toga , New Zealand, Fiji 

India & Nepal


  1. Y/W. No unfortunately i havn’t. I have been to South America and always dreamed of going to the South Pacific . We never know what life holds for us so maybe one day , we’ll see ? BTW, I havn’t read everything but so far i am really enoying your writing. Excellent!. .

    1. That’s true; we never know. I never thought I’d go to Tonga – I didn’t even know where it was before I applied! I’ve heard great things about South America. But I’m planning the US for my next trip. Thanks for the comment on my writing – it’s a process.

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