Ride or Write

I’d ride home but it’s raining. So I’m going to write.

Looking out the window, I catch a glimpse of what happens when heavy rain meets heavy wind. They dance. Under a streetlight it felt like a scene too perfect, worth forgoing the sleep I’m longing for right now.

In fact there is a lot I’m longing for. How about stability, certainty?

Every year for the past few has brought change in my environment, a shift in my landscape. That’s an earthquake right?

If so, writing this makes me a survivor. That’s something to be proud of.

Maybe we need to change the way we think about challenges / obstacles then.

Without a mountain in the way, there would be no heights to reach. Without the wind, the rain wouldn’t be dancing the way it is.

Resistance can bring out your best. Resistance can create beauty. If you’re a leaf, then the wind is there to sweep you away to the gutters. But aren’t we all in the gutter – with some of us looking at the stars?

Suddenly I find myself with an urge to ride off into the rain and against the wind.

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