Risks at Twenty Six

Well I’m at twenty six. In the fashion of a great tale, I came home after a weekend away to find the news my quest for a job was now over. Not only was it over, it was ended by the opportunity to do something that never crossed my mind before. Work overseas in a position that enables me to help a country and its residents develop. The weight of the reality of the situation then came down on me. I would lose the great place i was staying, miss my friends, risk financial security, potential relationships, safety, the known, the familiar, my comfort zone.

The protests of my family didn’t help, but I know I see value in this experience where they only see a price of $0 income earned. I see a chance to experience a new culture, to help others, challenge myself beyond what I thought I was capable off, and experience freedom from the constraints of the last few years. Wearing a tie, sitting at my desk looking out the window, not feeling challenged or inspired in my role and wishing my time was going towards accomplishing something I could be proud of rather than paying for the expenses that require me to work, to buy the things I need/want.

The last few months have been challenging as they are, have only grown my desire for this period of my life to end with a fitting conclusion that sees all this hard work and grit, worth something.

I spent the night bouncing back and forth and work up to realise that no matter what decisions we make in life, we are always at the loss of something else so the right path may never be as clear as we expect. My fear about the situation was simply that , fear of the unknown rather than of the risk I knew about.

Deep down I know the way my life is going, I need a change, growth and more so,  a chance to make a change. I kept myself open to all possibilities and right on my birthday this is what was presented to me. I can’t help but feel every rejection letter, every close interview led to this point.

Is there a reward in this risk?

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.” ― Paulo Coelho


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