It was a long time ago I drew the line between fantasy and reality. Well, I thought it was.  Since my childhood I’ve learned this process means more than looking at characters from  cartoon shows with feelings of admiration, it means letting go of all the unrealistic fantasies we hold on to. As a child I dreamed of being a hero. I dreamed of saving society or just the chance to save a someone.

As I grew older, I shed the hero mentality and started to see myself as the victim. Not to a particular villain whose obscure name and threatening effect is negated due to its cheesy nature. No, I felt I was the victim of circumstance, of chance, of life.

Older and wiser, I see where the bad cards were dealt and where I dropped a good hand. Sparing the details, I’ll continue on with the point of the article, which was that my reaction was to get caught up in fantasy and day dreaming of being saved.

For the right job to reward me, for the right person to love me, for the right hobby to fulfill me, for the right conversation to come to fix current relationships, for the right skill to just be instantly perfected. I wasn’t hoping for these things to fly into my life with a cape or through the window, but I was hoping for them to come to me.

That’s where the line of fantasy has to be drawn or cut. The truth is that we may not be superheros ,  but we can’t place that expectation on anyone or anything else.

Sure we have people in our lives that go above and beyond for us, but they can’t always smell the smoke. There are times where we have to make the moves to save ourselves.

Another benefit of taking action on what we deeply desire, is that the experience gifts  us with the ability to help others who feel as helpless as we did.

I guess we can all be heroes.

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