Valentines day has passed, and to myself and I’m sure many others, it was just any other day. I’m also sure that to an even larger majority it was heavily influential on wether they spent this particular any other day in bloom or gloom.

As February nears, the colour red and various types of love propaganda spreads across retail establishments like a weed. Regardless of your relationship status, it’s hard to carry on without getting entangled. So from a guy who has been single for five years, here are my thoughts on cupid and his disregard for boundaries.

I think some people should put themselves in the shoes of those are actually in relationships. This is because there is usually a bad backlash from a crowd who insist on stumping their toes to distract themselves from any painful reminders that they are single.

Right from a Buddhist parable, the flame of one candle doesn’t burn out from lightning another candle. Happiness and everything lovey dovey can be shared. Other people having a great day has nothing to do with why they are not.

Regardless of the day, individual circumstances don’t change. Some just taking particular notice of them on Valentines Day. If you’re unhappily single then pay attention to why you are, not to those who happily aren’t.

Or if you’re going to stare, pay attention to those who are happily single, and ignore any outside pressure to be matched up.This proves it’s all a matter of subjective perception. You can be happy alone.

Either way, I think the point is made that wearing a frown isn’t good bait if you’re after one of the plenty of fish apparently out there.

Final thought.

The corporate world has perhaps taken too much control over cupid’s operation. Love dipped arrows have been replaced by bombs of mass advertising. The result isn’t so much a society in devastation, but in expectation.

Love is a natural emotion. Nature is diverse and unpredictable, thus are emotions. I believe emotions gain their beauty through honesty. Even the ugly ones.

Likewise with the positive ones, somedays you may feel more in love with your partner or less. It’s not up to a calendar to dictate.  It’s up to the individual to be honest and express themselves, when and how they feel.

Some may use nothing more than a note. Some may buy an expensive gift. Others may do a dinner or a shared experience with the former or the latter. Once again, It’s all subjective.

Living life like this, adds colour and a bit of surprise to otherwise ordinary days. Not advising skipping Valentines Day, just suggesting that any other day can be as special if it feels so.

Due to the combination of marketing and social media, ‘Valentines Day’ has also created a false expectation of what colour love exactly is. Unfortunately the belief is that the more red it is and the more it costs, the better.

If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship, don’t let anyone else evaluate it’s worth or dictate its direction. You’re steering the  realtion-‘ship’ , but also don’t feel like you’re in a competition with others. Move at your own pace.

Love is an expression, not an expectation, and it can be any colour of the rainbow.

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