Something always cracks

Taking it a day at at time is a piece of advice that comes from a plentiful supply. Confucius made the importance of every step well noted and known. But it doesn’t make things any easier when every step is on another situational surface that is just as fragile as the month you just made it through or the week to come. My short stint at my latest ‘dream job’ turned out to be more of a carton of eggs than a pile of bull****.  With a boss who saw red when i saw blue. Smelt fire when I smelt rain. Felt the need to be cold when I was showing the warmth that everyone else knows me for. Last Friday was the ‘one day’ that cracked on me. I lost my job.

My self esteem, beliefs, dreams and feelings was the yolk that was finding itself in various different direction as I tried to get a grasp on the situation. I found myself initially numb, but even while sinking down in the immediate despair, I felt a certain lightness come over me which was the feeling of not having to worry anymore. Despite all that I felt I had lost, I could now take a firm footed stance on the ‘other side’ where the grass is apparently always greener. Much easier said than done. The colour of the grass will be a direct reflection of my mentality to get over the fence which is all my doubts and excuses piling up to make an increasingly high obstacle.

Thorns or green grass. I am determined to not only make it over. But through.


Success is not measured by the heights one attains, but by the obstacles one overcomes in its attainment. – Booker T. Washington


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