Strangely last night I received a notification that a post I had made on a popular fitness forum had been ‘repped’. Essentially meaning someone clicked a button to notify me that they approved , agreed or liked my post.

Given the subject matter of the post, I know they had found it meaningful to their life. As the subject, was ‘advice’. The advice I only ever feel I’m able to give, is more directly, just a summary of my life experience, and that is exactly what I wrote.

My summary started a few years ago , detailing my with bouts of depression all the way  to that current moment in time where I was proud of my accomplishments but still looking to grow and find more meaning in my existence.

What really struck me was how well I stuck to this approach and how 1 year later, despite all the struggles and uncertainty, I’m where I desired to be,  despite then, only having a direction with no clear destination.

Next year I will be further developing my independence by living and working overseas . I will  also be involved with an extremely good cause in a job which is part of a program based on using your qualifications / profession in developing countries.

My advice to myself then, and my advice to myself now and everyone else…

You duno what the future holds but  be no longer afraid , you have no reason to be. Just focus on being a good person and good thing will happen.

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