I recently spent time in another state. 10 years had passed since my last visit so it was certainly a holiday. Not only because of the feelings of unfamiliarity, but the fact I felt so far from home.

In the busy training schedule which involved full day presentations, I did what I would normally do to revive myself. I sought to escape.

I discovered in the heart of the CBD district, that was hard to come by. My hotel room was shared, the rooftop was locked, the streets, not matter the hour, was full of tourists and busy people who had no time or a smile to spare.

I eventually found a park, grass, a tree, and a chance to mediate.

Coming home felt great. The change and feeling was noticeable and immediate. What used to be noisy roadside traffic outside my bedroom, was now soothing me to sleep.

I didn’t have an all day buffet, room service to clean after me, the high quality bed, or any other things available at the hotel….but I had comfort.




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