The journey of 1,000 steps, starts with 1 juggle

I dance and write. You may run, skip or knit even. For the one grim direction our life takes us since birth, there is an  wonderful endless array of intertwining different paths to take. They come in the form of career choices, relationships to enter, friends to accompany, situations to run from and in this case, hobbies to undertake.

Without getting too metaphysical and pondering the existence of the soul and interconnectedness, I think our ‘identity’ is never limited by the choices we make in these areas or by their current status at any given time. Rather our identify can be willingly defined through exercising our freedom of perspective on the past and present and what aspect of the future focus on. Whether you find yourself currently unemployed like myself for calling your boss ironic or starving in a Nazi Camp similar to Viktor E. Frankl, the author of the highly recommended book ,Man’s Search for Meaning. The feeling of having absolutely no choice, is in fact a choice.

Now on to focus. Someone could explain it scientifically with a diagram neurons and brain wiring, but I’m not that person. In a way I’m sure we can all relate to. I’ll refer to it as that feeling of ‘feeling alive’ and in acknowledging both our control and the possibilities within our grasp. The best example for me personally is that while I spend 40 hours a week in an office, the 40 minutes I spend each week on the fustal (indoor soccer) field make me feel like the real me. Why I have a career I don’t seem to enjoy at this stage is in itself another story, but calling on my choice to exercise my freedom of perspective on the situation, I can say I’m working my way through the dirt to find a diamond. While I see so many people identify personally with the question of ‘what do you do’ and their career. I have learned I don’t have to. I can pick any area of my life that I feel passionately about and focus on that. The act of action itself is enough. Any rules that state you have to be exceptionally good, get paid or devote the majority of your time to something to justify your enthusiasm, is just the result of dogmatic and egoistic thinking.

Right now apart from feeling thankful, I also feel obliged to say this constantly revolving paradigm of thought has gained most its momentum from a close mate and author of , Jervo.

While I have applied the concepts the concepts of fitness, focus and freedom in my own life. Jervo details how he exactly did the same with a writing style that makes me think ‘yep this guy studied law’
But he is no lawyer, nor accountant which is his current profession. Follow his blog and you will find out exactly what he is about. I know enough to be in total agreement to his self analytical comment a few days ago of ” I have changed so much” and add , that what makes the final step so inspirational is knowing where the first took place’

So regardless who you are, remember the above lessons. And for that added bit of inspiration is the video of Jervo accomplishing his goal of 1,000 consecutive ball juggles. I saw a limitation of 100 turn into the goal of 1,000. How? Fitness, focus and freedom. So imagine what you can do once you apply them into your own life.

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