This morning would normally be considered pretty ordinary. Having only been awake for about sixty minutes , there is certainly no reason to be writing as I haven’t even ventured beyond the familiar path I’ve taken daily for the last year.

Worn through routine, and paved through repetition, I know the steps. Wake, brush, stretch, tea, meditate,smile. Even if I forgot them, like footprints, evidence is everywhere to jog my memory.

We all  tend to follow our own footprints. Unfortunately, almost sleepwalking at times with a lack of awareness and appreciation.

Today I took the same steps but with a different purpose in my stride.

As my last day in this house, what was part of every other day, was now part of my last day.

I can’t capture it fully through words, but simply acknowledging this fact makes a difference and enriches any moment. Try it. Even something like the everyday chore of taking out the trash, will eventually become a last privilege. Imagine that.

Then apply this thought to the things you really care about. Kissing your partner, telling your family you care, going for a jog, eating your favourite dish, watching the sunset etc.

For better or worse, good or bad, there is a last time for everything. The countdown could start at any moment which is a frightening truth. But rather living in fear, live with appreciation, passion and awareness. There is a saying “live everyday like it’s your last” , and I would like to add, “and do everything like it’s for the last time”



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