We get so caught up with the world around us. The glamor, the dirt, the dust, the nights, the highlights. It’s so impressive, and it is becoming harder to escape as the walls close in. The ability to be connected anytime and anywhere is both the cord that keeps others close to us, but prevents us from escaping when we so badly seek a moment alone. A moment when no one or anything else is in our focus, except ourselves.

This may be the very reason we lose sight of ourselves, limiting our sight from ourselves onto others and everything else. From this perspective we may make silent judgements, publicly applaud, and miss the oblivious.

These observations may include ‘why was that person so rude’ , ‘wow she is attractive’, and  ‘I love people like that who are so friendly to me’. Regardless of the particular observation, do we make the mistake of forgetting that they are just that? Observations, not facts. We could have different tastes in what we deem as attractive characteristics, and  that person could have only been in a good mood for another reason unrelated to us. Do we also remember, we are not just bystanders to the events taking place around us, but very much influential parts.

A common example is the self proclaimed victimisation of the rude demeanor of another, often the topic of social media status updates. Does anyone think, could this simply have been a natural response for the way the apparent victim made the other person feel?.

This applies to those who are nice to you, those who are rude, or stand in a constant middle ground. This may not apply to those who are nice to you, those who are rude, or stand in the constant middle ground. It is up to each of us individually to tell the difference between the reflective and the set in stone. But it is something to think about when you’re observing the world. Some events and people are reflective, and by paying attention you can catch a glimpse of yourself.

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