I took the above photo on January 1st. I was on holidays at the time and enjoying the feelings of wonder and excitement that comes with not knowing what tomorrow holds.

Sure, to see the sunrise on any day is a gift, but it doesn’t always feel that way. 

Lately, it feels like I’m slowly being wrapped up in my old ways: grudgingly going along through the motions of applying for jobs, doing interviews, and crossing my fingers. That was certainly the pattern before I went overseas.

But this time, something is different.

The same question that once caused distress, now dares me to dream.

Anything could be next! 

I never saw myself having the adventure I had – but I did. Likewise, a friend who felt trapped in a similar way – grudgingly working discount-retail jobs in the city district – is now on a solar farm in the rural area of another state… You really do never know.

But I do know, that personally, uncertainty has always been undesirable. And I think I also know why. I realised that sometimes the reason we don’t focus on the better outcomes is because we’re not comfortable betting on ourselves. I wasn’t. Which is why I played it safe up until the point of leaving my comfort zone completely.

Now that I’ve lived in another country and culture, I feel capable in pursuing opportunities in the distance – should they be in another country or state. Things could get worse, but they could get also get better in ways that I never imagined. It’s a gamble.

Sure, every day is a roll of the dice, but it doesn’t always feel that way.

As someone who’s on their second round, I’ll just say: have more faith in yourself and you’ll have more fun in the game.

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