What do you do?


It’s an inevitable question. Somewhere along the lines of conversational consumption etiquette , it became of the topping and mandatory first bite of the sometimes hard to stomach, forcefully fed and shared dish of a very first conversation. Although I answer quickly, it is only because I have a prepared response of “Well I have the majority of the functions of a normal 25 year old male. This ‘one I prepared earlier’ is not only a saving grace on cooking shows . It also avoids the conversation burning out then and there.

While all this is happening and I await their response despite their initial facial expression serving a taste of the rest of the conversation’s flavour, I can still hear the echo of their original question, but In my own thoughts. What do I do ? What do I do ?

I do a lot of things. 80% of my time is devoted to something I only enjoy 20% of the time. The other 20% of my time is spent on activities that constitute 80% of my enjoyment.  While I’m dong this math, I realise I better keep the conversation going out of courtesy and before I know it 80% of the conversation is spent about them telling me about something they themselves only care 20% about.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unsociable or an introvert at all. I enjoy a good conversation but feel its time we do away with the standardised conversational menus. The freedom of choice we have when it comes to picking the  filling of our sandwiches should be exercised when talking about ourselves to other people.  What you do for a job or spend 80% of your time doing may not be your favourite filling for the next 10 minutes. If not, do what I do and open up the conversational cupboard and pick another layer of your personality to serve. Here is mine for example.  I’m unknown, a walking paradox, fanatical about fun and humor, passionate, mysterious, unpredictable even to myself and undergone as much change over the last three years as the direction of the wind. I also know conversations go a lot further when they are they are of the same nature.

So while I just realised that anther one of the things I do, do, out of choice not commitment, is write around topics that encourage self introspection and thought. I encourage you to gather and examine all the various ingredients that have come together to create the dish that for however  many years you have been cooking, has been your destiny so far. You may like the taste of it,  or you may find it repulsive. Its your life and other people are going to want a taste test. If you don’t want a bland conversation, go ahead and ask yourself now “what do I do” with the answer of “this is what I like, love to do, want to do and will do” . Prepare these delicacies  in advance and worry not, the delight in your answers will not decay.  Even if incomplete, the other person will hopefully bring their share of unique ingredients to the conversational table which will keep turning until your minds are about to burst with inspiration and insight.

I will leave it there as I have to get back to the few things  I’m currently cooking.

If you’re reading this then your eyes are just smelling of your mind is soon going to taste….

– Boy

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