This time of year. First comes the celebrations then the few days where we realise the year is over. Time that we are never getting back. Depending on your individual circumstances, that may or may not be a realisation you’re comfortable with.

This may lead to the unfortunate reaction of further overcompensation.

Adding what you ‘should have done’, onto the pile of ‘will get gone’, which leads to bigger pile of ‘didn’t get done’ at this time next year.

I talk about daily awareness and gratitude a lot. Living in the moment rather than too far into the future.Had I approached his year any differently, I would be feeling pretty dismal at my lack of accomplishments in relation to ‘everyone else’.

Rather I know resolutions are highly personal and about an inner change, not what what everyone else can see. Even if it’s a change in your mindset, it could mean more than losing 10kg if you don’t actually FEEL any different about yourself. Personally, I feel more capable than I have ever been, even tho I haven’t displayed these capabilities yet.

Another year isn’t another chance to compete, it’s just another chance.

A chance to do more of what you enjoyed this year and a chance to just do something you will enjoy. That’s what makes resolutions real.

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