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Soundwave is Christmas to the rock music community of Australia. Well, there was no chance of snow, but there was also no shortage of super friendly big-bellied long-bearded guys around!

I’ve been going for several years now and I don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon… or need to stop. I mean you’ve got everyone from grey-haired grandfathers to purple-haired punk kids in attendance and united by their love of music. Music which originates from as different eras as they do, but is still undeniably fitting all together.

And it’s not just the music that makes the event what it is, it’s the whole atmosphere.

To those on the ‘other side of the fence’ I can understand how it all looks a bit barbaric. There’s growling, screams, heavy breakdowns, swinging fists, tattoos, red faces and devil horns everywhere. It’s certainly the impression my non-rock friends have.

But, here I am giving my first-hand account of what a great day it was.

Once again I saw familiar faces and met new ones. I threw my fists in the air, sung loudly, and jumped when the members of the favourite bands requested I do so… regardless of how tender and sore my body already was.

I had the uncanny experience of seeing certain bands for the first time while simultaneously being overcome by a sense of déjà vu as they played tracks which are stitched into past memories of my life.

I felt the creation of connections with bands that I hadn’t even heard before.

I sprinted around dressed as The Flash yelling “I love exercise,” exchanging smiles, high fives and posing for photos.

I had fun.

I left already counting down the days until next year.

I wasn’t happy paying $4 for a bottle of water, but it was a great day and a reminder that although my taste in music will never be ‘mainstream’ … I’m just a drop in an ocean of many many like-minded fans.

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