I have not written in a while, so what better time than 3.30 am. My only reason is that I’ve been busy tinkering at odd hours with the mental compass of my conciseness. With so many possible directions to take on this journey , trying to decipher them just sends me in… you guessed it. Circles.  Frustration has lead me to slam the draw of my other instruments of desire and rely on something we don’t trust enough. The heart. It beats blood. It takes beatings. It is the literal be all and end all of our existence which doesn’t stop it from being symbolically ‘given away’ when the existence of someone or something else becomes more important than our own.

Beyond all those things. The heart isn’t another instrument to navigate through life. It is the map which like any other map holds a world of possibility and opportunity, if we can just manage to read it right. Easier said than done. When life around is doesn’t slow down. You can’t slow it down. Pulling over or turning down the volume suddenly become unexpected luxuries of being stuck in traffic. This is when you realise the only instrument  you can rely on to make sense of it all is intuition.

So try it. Imagine the destination is internal. The best or next decision is already made. Now close your eyes to read the way.



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