Normal isn’t 9 , 6 or 3. It’s whatever volume you ‘normally’ watch tv at.

Normal isn’t a particular channel, it’s whatever channel you ‘normally’ watch.

Can we say the same about our types of thoughts and the intensity of our feelings?

I read symptoms lists, and don’t think anything is out of the ordinary, well, because that’s how I’m used to feeling. With the loss of Robbin Williams, I’ve come to seen how feelings are such a personalised matter – and a lonely one. It’s easy to look at someone in his position and say that you don’t understand how such a tragedy could come to be and happen. And that’s exactly it. You don’t. I don’t.

No one can say a particular approach will certainly work, but one thing I’ve identified that does, is making a commitment to getting better, identifying a supportive community, and making choices when I reach particular neurological crossroads that lead to depression’s dead end.

I choose to believe there are many things out of my control, but I’m pressing the most important buttons, like purpose, vision, hope, faith, passion. I can also hit mute where I need to.

I choose to remember all I’ve fought through to be here.

I choose to respect and pursue what I love & enjoy, not let anyone or ego turn me around

I choose to remember life has no structured pathway and it’s shared by dangerous drivers and dropped dollars. I can be pleasently surprised the same way I’ve been unexpectedly disappointed.

I choose to see the beauty and strength in the bland, ordinary and daily. I don’t need to google motivational pictures.

I choose to be inspired by those standing on peaks I seek to reach.

I choose to remember tomorrow won’t come before today. Serving the other first is bad customer service.

I choose to collect my moments of joy, love, hope and strength in writing or memory for when they are sparse. I’ll hand them out like candy to a crying child.

I choose to learn from everyone and every experience. I’ll graduate when I’m dead.

I choose to see life as giant canvas, each day as a fresh page. Art is subjective, so is success.


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  1. Sending you supportive energy from a far away community to keep inspired and working hard to stay on the path of joy and love and hope.

    I too know of the struggles it takes, almost constantly to stay in the light. Self-care in the form of gratitude, knowing that this moment will pass, service to others, daily time in nature and exercising, eating well and most importantly self love and acceptance. When I feel a moment coming on, I know to get outside, to find something to marvel at.

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